Fabrication Shop

J&B Logstackers has a full fabrication shop with the proper tools and Team to fabricate parts for our customers Rebuilt Wagners and our customers needed repairs for their yarders and other heavy equipment.

The J&B Fabrication Team specializes in industrial heavy equipment fabrication and repair. Our customers depend upon our swift actions, attention to detail and we deliver a ‘better than new’ product.

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Wagner Raygo Fabrication Fork
Wagner Raygo Fabrication Fork
Wagner Raygo Fabricated Reenforced Steel
Wagner Raygo Fabricated Reenforced Steel

Machine Shop

J&B Machine Shop can machine any part for our customers! Our machinists have over 30 years of experience machining heavy equipment parts for the logging and forestry industries.

Some of our regular machining includes machining shafts, gears and inner gear hubs.

Machine Shop Gear Assembly Fabricated

J&B Logstackers is well equipped to provide machined parts for our customers. Our Machine Shop and our Machine Team are ready to provide you with your specialty parts needs.

Please call 800-624-4578 to schedule an appointment and services.