About us

Fabrication Team

J&B Logstackers specializes in heavy equipment parts for Wagner Logstackers, Chip Dozers and Container Handlers. Servicing the logging and forestry industry, we are the best source for all of your Wagner parts. We stock Raygo Wagner and Clark parts.

We rebuild your Raygo Wagner Logstacker (L24, L60 L70, L80, L90, L120, and L130), Raygo Wagner Chip Dozer (CHD17, CHD24, CHD60, and CHD100), and Raygo Wagner Container Handler.

J&B Logstackers is a small-business located in Centralia, Washington and was founded in 2005 by Joseph Baxter Gillum. Since the age of 7 Joseph has been learning about Wagner Logstackers and Raygo Wagner Chip Dozers. He drove his first Raygo Wagner Logstackers on his father’s lap at the age of 8. With his 40 years of experience and the J&B Logstackers Team we are able to deliver high quality heavy equipment to our valued customers. Today Joe leads the J&B Team of fabricators and machinist that create our durable Raygo Wagner Logstackers and Raygo Wagner Chip Dozers at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Please contact us 1-800-624-4578 for your Wagner parts or to order your rebuilt Raygo Wagner Logstacker, Chip Dozers or Container Handlers.